who is warren stratford?

Over 30 years working on Comical Art and Figurines, Warren has been a pioneer in his field. bringing smiles all around the world. Been half way around The globe while seeing his work touch the heart of millions. Warren Stratford started creating fun, humorous art from a young age using whatever materials he could find. His elaborate and colorful pieces of art brought cheers to all around him. Warren's first commission came when he was asked to design a character foor the school magazine. this lead to a fun and adventurous journey following his art. In the Late 1980's, Warren pursued his career working as a character designer, animator, illustrato and storyboard artist for production houses throughout the world, allowing his passions to manifest in creating original art for all to enjoy. Since then, he has showcased his art in numerous galleries while being received by an appreciating worldwide audience.

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